C.B.C. Respects Your Privacy

We have provided this Online Privacy Statement to make you aware of how C.B.C. collects and uses the individual identifying information of visitors to our web website. As Internet technologies continue to evolve rapidly, we recognize that underlying business models are still not established, therefore these guidelines are subject to change. You will find any such changes posted to this page.

These policies disclose information gathering and dissemination policies regarding the CBC web website. We are not responsible for the content or the privacy polices of web websites to which we may link to. Any additional information volunteered by you, such as survey information, e-mail address and your preferred means of communication C.B.C. collects the following information regarding visitors to our web website.

Notice and Disclosure:

  • Domain name
  • Browser version
  • Referring website
  • Date and time of visit
  • Information about which pages are accessed.
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Use of Information:

We use this information to monitor and improve the website’s functionality and content, for statistical analysis, and to respond to your inquiries or comments. From time to time, we may also use this information to send e-mail messages and promotional materials about our products and services, which many of our visitors find valuable.

While we may share the information we gather with other business divisions within C.B.C., we do not share or sell any personally identifiable information about you with third parties. Not withstanding, you will always be able to “opt out” whenever you choose.

Upon request, we will:

  • We will send you a letter of confirmation.
  • Permit you to "opt out" of further e-mail contact.
  • Correct personal information that you tell us is incorrect.
  • Remove your personal information from our databases.
  • Delete your personal information from all CBC correspondence.
To request a correction or cancellation, or if you have questions concerning our privacy policy, please (856) 769-9969 or contact: privacy@cbclasvegas.com

About Us

Hosting Policy: States we will not host pornographic material of any kind. CBC InspectorCBC will not host offensive material towards any race, creed, color or culture of people. We do not support promotional material that involves cruelty to animals of any kind. Any statements that support any of the material above will give us cause to remove your web site from all CBC servers immediately without notice of any kind. However we do respect your right to free speech within reason.

Maintenance: All sites from a single page to a 600 page site are monitored constantly to insure that you get the most out of your site. We do periodic checks of links, load time, html validity, browser compatibility and navigational problems. They don't just sit there unwatched!


Guarantee: We guarantee a 99.9% up time on your site over a OC-32 - OC-48 backbone with SONET Ring connections that take you out to the Internet. This optical network we host you on is a Linux system. The first link between your customer and your Web site is two complex "rings" of fiber-optic cable known as a Synchronous Optical Network, or SONET. The SONET rings act as links in a chain that connect to a virtually indestructible OC-32 pipe, which then links your web site to the Internet. The rings are synchronized, which allows the data to be temporarily redirected through the alternate ring until the primary ring is functional.

Website Reunds: Refunds of custom designed websites are only available within 30 days of purchase and will only be issued within that time frame when notified by the buyer in writing.

Hosting Services: If a Hosting Service has already been performed, then it is non-refundable (if not yet performed, eligible for a refund within 30 days of the date of the transaction).


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CBC is a multi-dimensional web design and IT organization specializing in e-commerce web websites. However we're not limited to just web design.

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