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Mission of CBC

C.B.C. is a full service web design company with marketing in mind specializing in state of the art website designs tailored to enhance the image of our prospective clients. We offer completely unique designs to all of our customers, which are never duplicated or given to any other company or individual. Color is a major component of all our websites. We also specialize in having the pages compliment each other, so that our clients present a clear, unique and consistent image. Another of our fortes is that we create all of the logos, images and slogans for our customers. When a customer has a C.B.C. product, everything is purely original. We offer what we consider to be the most unique web designs available in the marketplace. We're quite capable of giving our clients a full array of state of the art logos, graphics, animations, digital photography and sound!

Overview of CBC

1. Policy: The company policy states we do not use templates or out of the box cookie cut material. This means 95% we create is from scratch. The rest may be an occasional requested clip art, photos, company logo or a popular animation.

2. Mission: The C.B.C. mission statement keeps us striving for perfection and originality.

3. Personnel: The staff was hand picked and consists of highly qualified people in their specific fields of design. We have our own support team for all aspects of the Internet from hardware questions to software.

4. Guarantee: We guarantee a 99.9% up time on your website over an OC-48 backbone with SONET Ring connections that take you out to the Internet. This optical network we host you on is a Linux system. The first link between your customer and your Web website is two complex "rings" of fiber-optic cable known as a Synchronous Optical Network or SONET.

5.Accounts: All C.B.C. accounts come with everything you need to promote your business to a worldwide audience. With abundant disk space and data transfer. Your website will have room to grow as your company expands its on-line presence. CBC has over 16 years' experience and expertise in IT (Information Technology). What really makes us different is "We Do The Work They Won't or Can't Do!"

6. E Mail Configuration: Add/delete mail boxes, spam assasin, forwarders, auto-responders, virtual e-mail, web mail accessible from anywhere on any mobile device or desktop.

7. MySQL: Create a search-able database using MySQL server. This tool is available for E-Commerce, Merchant and Corporate accounts only.

8. AVI Media: Add sound, video and streaming media to enhance your web website.

9. CGI Scripts: Install a hit counter, blog, shopping carts, bulletin boards, feedback, RSS Feeds and contact forms. These are interactive files used to increase marketing and traffic to your website

10. Updates: Depending on the amount of information and changes that need to be made we start uploading changes and additions within 24hrs of notification in most situations. If necessary ask for our Online Update Web Master if you have a critical update..

11. Software: We use the latest state-of-the-art and hybrid programs to create the most attention to your website possible. As an example we use various web development tools to maximize your presence on the web in a very aggressive manner. In other words where web design is concerned we take off the gloves.

12. Maintenance: All websites from a single page to a 60 page website are monitored constantly to insure that you get the most out of your website. Periodic checks of links, load time, html validity, browser compatibility and navigational issues are automatically performed. They don't just sit there unwatched!

13. Privacy Policy: We share no private information with any other source see our policy.

14. Private Seminars: These events are given to all of our clients free to assist you in making the best of your Online presence. CBC provides helpful educational seminars. We also help with new browsers, software, plug-ins and security updates including monitoring of web stats with report cards.

High-Speed Network

A lightening fast connection is standard, with optional LAN to links ups to your servers. High-quality hardware, minimum latency in our local network and close proximity to the global fiber optic network (FLAG) in New York (USA) all mean you will experience incredibly fast data transfer speeds of up to 100Mbps as standard around the world.

Our state of the art data centers are connected by a fiber optic metro ring. That means fast connectivity to upstream providers and the complete redundancy that comes from multiple high-quality connections. It also means consistent services across our data centers, and the ability to enhance the redundancy of your server architecture across our data centers.

Website Design & Hosting

CBC is a multi-dimensional web design and IT organization specializing in e-commerce web websites. However we're not limited to just web design.

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