CBC Marketing: What We'll Do to Help You With Marketing Your Business
For the first 30 days of having your website, CBC at no charge to you, will help you market your business to aid in the reaching of your target audience. Just like in the way when you first learned to ride a bike. You started out with training wheels and once you learned to keep your balance, you were on your way!

Starting Out With Your Training Wheels
Once your website is established and live on the net, the next place it should be is on ALL of your answering devices (i.e. home office and cell phone voicemails), social media accounts and email signatures. Now it's time to let everyone know. Including your local dry cleaners, neighbors or anyone else who may or may not have access to a computer or the internet. Someone in their family does and word of mouth is the best way to start out with reaching that target audience. Any additional service needed in helping you with marketing your business will come at an additional fee.

Maintaining Your Balance
Now that everyone knows you have a website, you have to tell them where the party is and how to get there. This is done by you and your webmaster with meta tags. Meta tags are key words that are put into a search such as Google, when someone needs to find your site if they don’t have your web address. These words are like a trail of breadcrumbs. They allow the search engines to find you faster so more traffic gets to your website. Hence, telling everyone how to GET to the party. Where our biggest help to you here is, introducing you to our CBC family and networking you with your fellow clients and perhaps future business colleagues.

Now Ride!
Okay, here we go! Everyone’s at the party and you have your products and/or services lined up for sale. Here is where you sell the features and benefits of your items. You make offers, produce sales, and create specials and discounts for your repeat customers. As you build your clientele, you’ll find more ways to optimize your business from finding the right supplier to arranging deliveries to be out within your allowable delivery time. Here is where it becomes crucial that your customers are satisfied and you maintain from here on out. We have let go of the back of the bike. You are on your way. Good luck!

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