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Marketing Summary

From Meta Tags to Social Media Management, we provide technical and marketing support. There are several ways to market a website. Most are relatively great, however without a marketing plan you plan to fail. These marketing tools must work together to achieve the goals needed to get optimum promotional performance. When working correctly they make the most wonderful sound of money! This is usually followed by a meeting of the minds to improve and repeat the process to make that sound again and again. Prior to Search Engine Submission we look for 100% across the board when testing for submission readiness like: Title relativity to page content, Keyword relativity to page content, Description relativity to page content. When that meets our standards and only then we will submit the domain to Google for indexing mobile and desktop devices. All sites contain Meta Tags for Social Media as well.

Conveying to your prospective client or customer the services, products or both you offer is no easy task. No matter how the communication is delivered, it must show the features and how they benefit the interested party. The use of social media is a great asset when managed properly. Increasing your electronic footprint can also increase traffic to your website. Increased traffic equals dollars and cents, more traffic more money. We're not just a web design company, we help you market your business presence Online. The art of communicating your information without Spam tactics is important. The "opt out" approach is much more inviting to someone who may be interested.

Being the highest priority is thee most important building block to a good business plan for your website. Your foundation must be secure in order to be productive. Without good security you risk losing your investment to exploits such as (DDOS) Distributional Denial of Service Attacks, Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Email Bombs and Root-kits. We will walk you through these topics and explain along the way what they are and their affect on your website. CBC offers SSL protection to all of our clients, even if your only selling one item. E commerce and good security work hand in hand which gives you peace of mind.

(Fees will vary depending on type of business and whats needed to achieve your goals.)
Website Design & Hosting

CBC is a multi-dimensional web design and IT organization specializing in e-commerce web websites. However we're not limited to just web design.

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