About Us

Policy: The company policy states we do not use templates or out of the box cookie cut material. This means our designs are create is from scratch. The rest may be an occasional requested clip-art, photo, company logo or a popular animation.

Guarantee: We guarantee a 99.9% up time on your site over a OC-32 - OC-48 backbone with SONET Ring connections that take you out to the Internet.

Verticle Rule

This optical network we host you on is a Linux system. The first link between your customer and your Web site is two complex "rings" of fiber-optic cable known as a Synchronous Optical Network, or SONET. The SONET rings act as links in a chain that connect to a virtually indestructible OC-32 pipe, which then links your web site to the Internet. The rings are synchronized, which allows the data to be temporarily redirected through the alternate ring until the primary ring is functional.